Tears of Futility

March 19, 2016

In order to find peace, sometimes we need to brave the chaos. This week is all about the chaos. And tears.

All total today we had roughly 4 hours of crying.

I know, you wish you were in my shoes, don’t you? 😉


Not everyone knows there’s different types of crying, but there are. Sometimes crying is about being sad, or angry, even happy. Sometimes it’s a release during a temper tantrum. But sometimes tears are a release that allows the body to heal. Sometimes a person, no matter how small, just needs a good cry.

Today Ella had a good cry.

She needed it and deserved it. I was with her, guiding and comforting her the entire time.

It was exhausting, but these were the tears of futility. The tears that come at the end of a long fight, when resolution’s finally found. These were healing tears. Healing, but utterly exhausting just the same.

Shortly after she finished, Brom started.

I’d love a nice glass of wine. Instead, I’m drinking kombucha* from a wine glass.



*despite not being wine, it is really good.