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Talk to Children about Beauty

  Recently two mothers were faced with their daughters focusing on appearance. In one case we know the daughter thought she was ugly. In the other case we don’t know what the daughter thought. There was such a stark contrast between Pink’s response and Smith’s response to her daughter! One mother asked questions, learned more about […]

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Celebrate | Connection

Is Santa Real?

Do you believe in Santa? Does Santa visit your home? I know many people who don’t wish to lie to their children, so either don’t have Santa visit, or are very sure to express that it’s only a story or a game people play. I believe in Santa. I believe in many things. But mostly I believe […]

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Birthday Traditions

It isn’t everyday a person turns eight years old. In fact, I’m not even sure she’s really allowed to turn eight already! But she assures me that’s the way birthday works, so I’ve got to believe her. Today, after eight amazing years our little baby turned into a bright your lady in the blink of […]

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