Boardwalk Inn

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Review

I wasn’t looking forward to staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. First, change is scary lol I’ve loved each resort we’ve stayed at so much, I’m always sure nothing could ever come close to being as good. Even when we did a split stay at Port Orleans Riverside and Animal Kingdom Lodge (club level 1bedroom suite). […]

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Sword in the Stone Activities

At Magic Kingdom, in Disney World, if you go through (or around) Cinderella Castle, you’ll see the carousel. It’s lovely. One of my favourites. But it’s the stone in front of it that we’re interested in today. Or more importantly, the sword within that stone. Once upon a time Agatha was a little girl that […]

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Why I Keep Going Back to Disney World

So often I’m asked why I go to Walt Disney World so often. Why I don’t travel somewhere else. Sometimes I offer simple reasons: It’s easy to eat gluten-free, it’s fun, it’s relaxing (Yes, I find Disney relaxing!). There are so many reasons. But my reasons go so much deeper than that. Disney is a part […]

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Connection | Parenting


Spoilers!! * * * I warned you!! 😉 We had no doubt we’d love ‘Moana’. After all, our puppy’s named Moana. But we had no idea how much we’d love this movie! First, best line EVER!! (may be misquoted) “You’re a girl, on an adventure, with an animal sidekick. You’re a princess.” 😀 First, the […]

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Adventure | Parenting

A Spoonful of Sugar Makes me a Better Parent

Sometimes children do the strangest things. Sometimes you have no idea why they do what they do. Their brains just work differently than an adults. I can handle that. But somedays nothing I do or say seems to make the day run smoother. They yell, fight, cry, scream, and that’s just the beginning! When our […]

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