Surprise Disney World Vacation

October 4, 2017

I love Disney World So much! But really, what I love the most is the connection, the magic, the happiness.

If you didn’t hear already, we just took our kiddos on a surprise trip to Disney World. We planned this trip more than a year in advance, but weren’t sure we’d make it work, so didn’t tell hem. Once we knew we could make it work, we didn’t know which resort we’d be able to stay at. Could we stay at the one we wanted, or would we stay off property? By the time we knew what we were doing, it was only a few short months away. We decided to keep it a secret until the day we left!

It was so hard!!

I loved their reactions! I seriously tear up every time I watch this (and I watch it a lot). Ella: “You weren’t cleaning!” hahaha I’m still not sure how I managed to convince her I needed to pull suitcases out to clean! hahaha

Don’t worry, we assured Agatha quickly that she’d still be able to have lots of fun and ride all the rides, even with a broken arm. Luckily it was just a buckle fracture, so she didn’t need a cast.

To make sure our super clever kiddos didn’t clue in to the various little things going on in the background we had Ryan go to work as usual, but scheduled the rest of the week off, and booked the red eye flight. Normally we fly out first thing in the morning and arrive around dinner time. This time we flew out around 1AM and arrived with enough time to have lunch, play in the parks, go for a swim, have dinner, and still get to bed way too late in the day lol

The original plan was to go to have a resort only day and go to bed early, but departure day was filled with news of hurricane Irma. ¬†We still didn’t know which way she was going, we considered postponing the trip, after all, the kiddos didn’t even know about it. But I wasn’t capable of waiting any longer! hahaha We hoped Irma would turn away from FL. But my philosophy is to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. We decided we’d better head to the park as soon as possible!

It wasn’t part of the plan, but it was the best idea ever! Brom rode his first big kid ride, Test Track. It wasn’t what I wanted as his first big ride, but the size of his smile made me realize it was the best choice as a first fast ride. <3 Test Track was also the first big ride our whole family got to ride together. We were sure to thank the Phoenicians while we rode Spaceship Earth, we even sang our ABCs.

We had so much fun on our trip, there were a couple minor upsets because of Irma, but over all it was amazing! Please excuse the poor quality pictures, I’m still learning how to use the phone as a camera hahaha

Epcot Disney World Disney World Disney World