guardians of the galaxy 2 party

Guardians of the Galaxy Birthday Party

August 24, 2017

Brom is four! This sweet, amazing little guy is getting so very big! He’s so full of joy, love, and energy. It’s so amazing to be his Mama!










For the past 2 years, he’s been in love with Guardians of the Galaxy, so, of course, his party needed to be Guardians of the Galaxy themed!

I had so much fun creating everything for this party! As guests arrived, they each had an opportunity to put on a Guardians of the Galaxy tattoo (or two), then they nibbled on some of our yummy snacks before the games began!

guardians of the galaxy 2 birthday
Groot Beer
guardians of the galaxy 2 party
Green Gamora


I couldn’t help myself, I love a good Pun as much as the next person, so we HAD to have GROOT Beer! HA! (I know, I’m so funny hahaha). The Green Gamora was pineapple juice, sprite, and a bit of green food colouring.

Potted Baby Groot
Yondu’s Arrows
Galaxy Bark


Normally I try to add a good mix of healthy food and sugary foods, but this party called for sugar! Galaxy bark was a mixture of dark and light blue, purple, white, and chocolate candy melts melted and swirled into bark. Pretzel sticks became Yondu’s arrows, and Ella made potted baby Groot cups filled with chocolate pudding. She taped brown paper to the spoons, and ripped it to look like a head and arms. So cute!

Target practice with Drax
Target Practice

Party games were fun and easy! Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of a couple of them (oops!) In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Drax has to use a gun (he hates guns and isn’t very good with them), so we had Target Practice with Drax. Each kiddo had 3 nerf darts to try to hit the target with. A few safety rules needed to be followed, especially with younger children, but the game was a lot of fun.

For the next game, we played pin the tail on Rocket Racoon. I printed a picture of rocket and a bunch of tails. It’s a classic game and finally we had a party with a character with a tail! I had to!

The last activity was a dance off! Way too much fun – and super silly!



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  1. Your children are so lucky!! Would you adopt me please? Seriously, what wonderful memories you are making for them.

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