Favourite Ride

July 7, 2015

We’re almost ready to go to Disney. Today we had a Mad Tea Party, tomorrow we’ll have another fun activity!

At Disney, one of my favourite rides is the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. You can control if you go up or down. There’s two other rides like that, Dumbo and TriceraTop Spin. And they’re really fun to fly if you like going up and down.

I really like that I can control the ride, and even when I was younger than 7, I could sit in the front by myself and control the carpet while my mom or dad sat behind me. This is really good because my parents have to sit with my younger sister and brother so I couldn’t ride some other rides unless a stranger sat with me. But the Magic Carpets and TriceraTop Spin both have front and back seats, dumbo doesn’t, but one of my parents could ride with both my younger brother and sister in one seat and the other could ride with my older sister and I. This year I can ride by myself if I want to. I’m not sure I want to though.

Dumbo(The pictures a couple years old, but I like it!)

That’s all for now. Over the Moon and Out!