Breast Cancer Awareness
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Breast cancer Awareness Sculpture

October 10, 2017

This gorgeous sculpture was created in honour of breast cancer awareness month.

Designed and shaped by hand, Confidence was created with steel wire and copper scars.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, I’ve met many other women who’ve also been diagnosed. A subject that comes up frequently is body image. After they’ve had lumps removed, breasts removed, they’re left to come to terms with their new body. So are their partners. It sadness me the number of times I’ve heard from a woman that doesn’t feel whole, doesn’t feel good enough, sexually attractive enough after having surgery to save her life.

So many times I’ve heard that a woman’s partner won’t have sex with her. Won’t hold her, caress her because she doesn’t have breasts. So many times I’ve heard that a woman doesn’t want to have sex anymore, not because her desire isn’t there, but because she doesn’t feel desirable.

I hope this sculpture captures the confidence and power of the woman post-mastectomy. I hope this sculpture allows others to see that it’s okay for a woman to not have breasts and it’s okay for her to be attractive, sexual, and powerful.

Breast cancer awareness is often about pink ribbons, runs, and people talking about saving ‘boobies’, but it needs to be so much more than that. It needs to be about breaking down the taboos that prevent women from having surgery. Breast cancer awareness needs to show what life after chemo and surgery looks like. Awareness means we need to talk about woman as being more than their breasts. It’s time we saved women first and worried about breasts secondarily.

Despite my family risk, my genetic risk, the stage of my cancer and my desire for bilateral mastectomy right from he start, I had several health care providers try to tell me I could do okay with a lumpectomy. I asked them what the research said about my risk for recurrence, I was told a mastectomy would be my best option, but they still tried to talk me into saving my breasts.

I am proud of the body I have and wish other women could embrace their breastfree bodies too.