Another Year

September 5, 2016

Sept arrived in a blur this year. My birthday came on the 1st, it was a pretty low-key affair (we didn’t really do anything lol) I did get a present though (check out our instagram to follow along while I build the Lego Cinderella Castle – be warned, I build between parenting children and dealing with the puppy i.e. slowly lol)!

Tomorrow is the ‘not back-to school’ picnic in our community. A day homeschoolers gather with old friends, and meet new ones while acknowledging the changing school year, and the fact that our schooling is not in a specific building.

Saturday brings the first day of ballet, Sunday the first day of swim club, then next week gymnastics and violin begins again, and the week after than piano is back in session.

We have something booked almost every day of the week. For the first time in years, I need to figure out ‘school’ lunches so we can get to all their classes (and home again) without melt-downs.

I also need to buy ‘school’ supplies. Our supplies may be different than public schooled children need, but this year we still have a list that needs to be purchased for a set day.

So please forgive the time between posts while we figure out a whole new way of doing things!


P.S. I’d love paper bag lunch ideas if you have any to share!