Beauty and the Beast Movie Activities

Beauty and the Beast may be Agatha’s favourite movie right now – though I think she prefers the live action to the animated, but that’s okay. For these activities either will work. It took me a bit more time than usual to get the post ready, mostly because there was serious, but fun, work involved […]

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A Cinderella Activity Day

I have a confession. Cinderella is one of my favourite movies. Admittedly you may hear this confession about several other movies as well, but that’s beside the point! I LOVE Cinderella! What’s not to love? Her life sucks. It’s sucked for a long time, but still she dreams. She dreams every night, and dreams through […]

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Big Hero 6 Activities

Big Hero 6 is a huge favourite in our house! Not only is it a great movie, but it also holds special meaning to our family. When I went into the hospital to have my surgery, and stayed overnight, the first time I was away from my babies overnight since they’d been born, we watched this […]

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New Year Themes

Writing here’s been difficult for me lately. I’ve floundered within myself and within our family. I haven’t followed our goals and plans that we laid out for our family or this blog. Looking back, I can see I didn’t really think about where we really were, nor what we were likely to be able to accomplish. I also […]

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