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Talk to Children about Beauty

  Recently two mothers were faced with their daughters focusing on appearance. In one case we know the daughter thought she was ugly. In the other case we don’t know what the daughter thought. There was such a stark contrast between Pink’s response and Smith’s response to her daughter! One mother asked questions, learned more about […]

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How to Teach Children Gratitude

Someone in a parenting group I’m a part of recently posted this question, With her permission, I’ve copied the question and my answer here: How Do We Teach Gratitude? Question: How do we teach 4 year olds about gratitude, and appreciation for what they have? My daughter has pretty much everything she could ever need/want, thanks […]

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Checking in

I’m going to take a break from my studying as really I can only read so much about butterfly valves before my mind goes numb. See? Not the most exciting thing in the world. I just read 45 pages on valves and began to check out. Which gave me the idea to check in. Checking […]

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