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When Natural Consequences Don't Work

Sometimes children do things we don’t want them to do. Sometimes that’s drawing hearts and stars on walls, doors, floors. Sometimes it’s possible to over look the art work, clean it up ourselves, and move on without mentioning it to the child. Sometimes something more is needed. One of our kiddos likes to draw. On […]

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Life has Happened and We've Been Busy!

I know I’ve been so silent over here, and I’m sorry! We’ve hit a strange point in the year when we’re super busy, but also not really doing anything new. Winter has worn out it’s welcome (more snow flurries today), but besides a few hollyhocks and peonies peeking through the mulch, spring hasn’t really arrived […]

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Why I Keep Going Back to Disney World

So often I’m asked why I go to Walt Disney World so often. Why I don’t travel somewhere else. Sometimes I offer simple reasons: It’s easy to eat gluten-free, it’s fun, it’s relaxing (Yes, I find Disney relaxing!). There are so many reasons. But my reasons go so much deeper than that. Disney is a part […]

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