Movie Night: Up

I’ve been so excited to write about this movie, it holds a very special place in my heart. <3 I could talk about the details and nuances for hours, but tonight I’m going to talk about how much fun our family had watching this movie and the activities related to it. We pulled out our […]

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Connection | Self Care

The Danger of Positive Thinking

Some of you’ve heard me talk about Positive Thinking before and how important it is to me, specifically to my journey through chemo. So you may wonder why I’d suggest ‘positive thinking’ is dangerous. I’d like to explain why I believe it’s dangerous as well as why things like positive affirmations and ‘support’ from friends […]

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So Busy, So Happy!

Our life has been so busy lately, but such a ¬†good busy! Some of you already know that I’m¬†creating more and more wire sculptures, and selling them! It’s been pretty amazing! The desire to create with wire crept up on me last year, and then it just took over! I’m spending all free time working […]

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