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It’s taken some time. Everything’s taken time lately. The kiddos all had classes, keeping us busy almost every day the week. Party prep followed by Christmas prep also kept us busy. Then there’s the time spent taking care of sick children and needy children. Ryan and I have also been working on a business plan to […]

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Is Santa Real?

Do you believe in Santa? Does Santa visit your home? I know many people who don’t wish to lie to their children, so either don’t have Santa visit, or are very sure to express that it’s only a story or a game people play. I believe in Santa. I believe in many things. But mostly I believe […]

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Ten years of Ella

Yesterday Ella turned 10. Tens years since our beautiful baby girl was born. Every day has been an adventure ever since! To celebrate her birthday she wanted a World of Warcraft themed party, complete with sleepover, movie and gaming Sarah went all out crafting all sorts of things for the party: A quest themed invitation, […]

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