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Mining for Diamonds

Head Ruffian here!

Our countdown’s doing fine today. It’s actually quite fun! We watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

We have a giant sandpit in our backyard. My mom hid pretend diamonds and precious stones in our pit and we all worked together to find them. My older sister, the head Thug, found the most.


Tomorrow we’re going to watch youtube videos and learn how to yodel. But I don’t exactly know what that means yet.

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Another Day Closer

We’ve been so busy with our countdown we totally forgot to post!

First we watched Alice in Wonderland – so we had to have a tea party and play croquet. I love tea and love to make my own. This one was made with mint, dandelion blossoms, and rose petals from our garden. It was really nice. It didn’t even need honey (though I may have added some anyhow).


After watching Lilo & Stitch our parents downloaded an old computer game of theirs – Spore. We’ve been creating our own aliens and having fun developing them. We each have our own planets and alien races. You start as a cell, then get bigger and stronger, then smarter, and come out of the water. Evolution in a fun game. Not quite the way Jumba created Stitch, but it’s still been lots of fun!

smoke so thick we can barely see across the field
smoke so thick we can barely see across the field

We were going to go to the pool to pretend to surf, but there’re some really bad forest fires in our province. The smoke was blowing all the way to our place, and we all were having tough time breathing. So my mom wouldn’t let us go to the pool because she said it’d make it worse for us. Instead we used bilibos (kind of like giant bowls with wavy edges) to balance boards on and ‘surfed’ in our backyard.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
Hang 10
Surf's Up
Having Fun

Yesterday, my mom got us another movie to watch, not part of the countdown, but still to get us ready for the trip. Jurassic Park. No, not the new one. The first one. Have you seen it? I loved it! We watched it so we can get brave enough to ride Dinosaur again. I’ve ridden a few times, but the Carnotaurus scared my younger sisters a bit too much last trip. I think they’re ready to ride again!

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I found out about this new toy, it’s called Playmation Marvel Avengers.  As soon as it comes out, I’m going to get it! Whether my parent’s like it or not 😉 You get gear to start to destroy villains from Marvels Avengers and Agents of Shield, you start with Captain America and fight Red skull! It sounds super, super cool. I wish it was cheaper. The starter pack costs $120 USD. It’ll take me a while to save up for it. But I will do it because this looks so cool!

I’m really excited about this because it says you can feel if you get hit. And you can interact with the toys from a distance. It’s like being IN a video game!

I really hope it’s strong enough to hold up to the type of play it says we can do, us Thugs and Ruffians like to play hard and need our toys to keep up.

Scheduled for release October 4th, 2015. The pre-order also comes with an extra smart figure.

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Favourite Ride

We’re almost ready to go to Disney. Today we had a Mad Tea Party, tomorrow we’ll have another fun activity!

At Disney, one of my favourite rides is the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. You can control if you go up or down. There’s two other rides like that, Dumbo and TriceraTop Spin. And they’re really fun to fly if you like going up and down.

I really like that I can control the ride, and even when I was younger than 7, I could sit in the front by myself and control the carpet while my mom or dad sat behind me. This is really good because my parents have to sit with my younger sister and brother so I couldn’t ride some other rides unless a stranger sat with me. But the Magic Carpets and TriceraTop Spin both have front and back seats, dumbo doesn’t, but one of my parents could ride with both my younger brother and sister in one seat and the other could ride with my older sister and I. This year I can ride by myself if I want to. I’m not sure I want to though.

Dumbo(The pictures a couple years old, but I like it!)

That’s all for now. Over the Moon and Out!

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Mama Ruffian here. The head Ruffian and Thug didn’t introduce their younger siblings very well.

This is Blondie. She’s adventurous and caring just like Rapunzel.  


Today I’m interviewing her for her sisters.

What’s your favourite movie?

Well, my favourite movie is Rapunzel (Tangled)

Who’s your favourite Character?

Flynn, because I think he’s very cool. But Rapunzel’s also very cool.

How many times have you been to Disney World?

Hmm, 4. When I was in the tummy, when I was a big girl. No just two trips, 3 this trip. Almost 3 trips. (She’s been 4 times, the upcoming trip will be her 5th)

What are you most excited about doing at Disney World?

Going on Haunted Mansion with mama! 

Where do your creative ideas come from?

My brain. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Hmmm, be painter. Because me and my friend talked it out, when we grow up and marry we talked it out and agreed we’d be painters. 

What else should we know about you?

I’m very creative and I like Disney, and I also like crows, and I also like the colour red. And also black. I like sing alongs, my favourite is Disneyland Fun, it has songs from the Magic Kingdom! I like it when it’s at the Haunted Mansion (Grim Grinning Ghosts). At night there’s monsters, and they turn alive, and sometimes they socialize. And also something I like is spinning. 

If you knew someone going to Disney World for the first time, what advice you give them?

Well, have lots of fun! I’d say they must ride on the mountain me and Daddy went on (Big Thunder Mountain). They should try Mickey Bars, they’re SOOOOOO GOOD, So good, they’re just so good. SO GOOD! They should stay at the one [resort] we stayed at (Animal Kingdom Lodge). It was really fun there! (insert summer salt followed by a twirl – she really liked it!)

You should like Disney.

Blondie has lots to say and share about Disney and I’m sure you’ll hear more from her soon.

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Just Another Day in Our Countdown

Head Ruffian here. 59 Days  to go! Yesterday we watched a movie, Tangled! Today we painted one or two pictures for our gallery. It was so much fun!

Tangled is about a girl with very long, golden, magical hair. She goes with a thief to see the lanterns. She ends up seeing them. Her hair, when it’s cut, it looses it’s magic. Flynn, the thief, cut it to prevent Mother Gothel  from using Rapunzel’s hair anymore. That’s basically it!

It’s a good movie.

Today we used my mom’s special paint and canvas to paint our pictures. I was very precise with my painting. I painted Rapunzel, the girl with magical hair. And then a whole bunch of different things on paper.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s activity. We’re making wanted posters!

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Our Cake Plans

It’s been a busy day preparing for our trip.

We’re planning to have a cake to celebrate our twin friends’ birthday. We decided we’d have our celebration dinner at The Wave…of American Flavors at the contemporary resort. The boys love Big Hero 6, so we’ve requested two cakes one Hiro and one Baymax cake. We’re waiting for the chef to get back to us to tell us if it’s allowed or not.

Sometimes you can’t always get the character you want. But I really hope we can get the characters we want for our twin friends.

To order a cake the chef needs to know when and where you want the cake. Disney World has several pastry teams that service different locations, not all the locations can customize cakes. The chef also needs to know what you want the cake to look like, or what theme you’d like, and about how much money you want to spend. Cakes need to be ordered at least a full two days in advance, but longer if you want something special.

Once we ordered a Lilo and Stitch cake for my birthday. We also ordered a Tarzan cake for my mother’s birthday, for my sister we ordered a Doc Mcstuffins cake, and last year we ordered a headless Horseman cake for my mom. If you hover over our gluten-free tab, you can click through to see past cakes.

Each cake was really good. But the headless horseman one looked really cool, but it didn’t taste as good because it was hard and dry.

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60 Days

Head Ruffian here and I’m so excited! 60 Days!! Only 60 days until our trip. When we booked, it was a full year until our trip. Now it’s almost here!

Our countdown starts tomorrow! We’re going to watch movies, play games, and create crafts! One of the crafts we’ll make are Hidden Mickey necklaces. We’ll use washers and paint them to represent different characters.

Each day has a different activity. A movie on the first day, then 2 days of activities, then another movie. Our first movie is Tangled and the activities are painting pictures for our gallery and creating wanted posters for us thugs and ruffians.

60 days also marks when we make our fastpass+ reservations. The ride I’m most excited to go on is Kali River Rapids and this year I’m finally tall enough for Rock N’ Roller Coaster for the first time, but I keep changing my mind about riding. Some days I want to, but other days I’m nervous.

But I’m not nervous about Splash Mountain. I am riding that mountain for sure this year!

There are so many things at Disney I want to try! The number one thing at the resort is swimming! That’s my favourite activity because I can pretend to be an alligator about to eat someone or a mermaid. Or because we’re staying at Beach Club, we can be pirates on the pirate ship.

Yo Ho (almost) time to go!